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Backlit graphics, or translucent signs illuminated from behind with a light source, are a sensational way to promote your organization’s name, logo and product offerings. Stick Out offers durable, eye-catching signs that will shine day and night!

In a marketplace with branding as far as the eye can see, backlit graphics add dimension and visual interest to static advertising, showcasing your business by day, and glowing like a beacon at night.

Post & Panel Signs

Known for being versatile and cost-effective, post and panel signs are many industries’ choice for communicating with potential and existing customers. Your business can’t go wrong with them, especially when they’re made by a reputable sign company

Custom branded wayfinding post and panel sign


Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

custom dimensional signs

Custom commercial letters, like channel letters and dimensional letters, are regularly chosen for many different types of businesses. Often, they are used to spell the name of the business, can include the logo, and may even provide a statement about the core business activities. These signs can include lighting elements, making them easy to see in all conditions.

Completely customized to your brand, desires, and business, we ensure your channel letters are eye-catching and easily seen and understood from an appropriate angle and distance.

Lighted Signs

custom lighted storefrontWant to improve your visibility in all weather conditions and at all hours of the day and night? Custom lighted storefront signs make it easy for you to get your business and brand noticed at any time!

There are many different techniques, types, and methods for sign illumination, from fitting sign panels or dimensional letters with standard lighting elements, or by utilizing cabinet and channel signs with internal lighting. Many signs can now be fitted with LED lighting instead of traditional neon for a cost-saving and longer-lasting alternative.

Custom Sign Panels

custom storefront sign panelSign panels are solid sign elements, usually affixed with cut vinyl graphics or a solid vinyl graphic print. These panels can be made from aluminum sheets or may be constructed of a translucent panel that will allow lighting to pass through, such as a cabinet sign.

Sign panels are often wall signs, adhering directly to your storefront. However, they can also be included in pole signs or tenant signs, which provide even greater visibility for your brand.

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